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We offer organic shaving soap bars, natural shaving foam, organic shaving cream, organic aftershave, organic aftershave oil.
Shaving after a hot shower is best since steam opens up pores and softens coarse hairs, two things that make for an overall smoother shave. Use warm to hot water to lather up your cream or gel. Then use long, even strokes to move the razor in the direction of hair growth. This is the best tactic for preventing razor burn and ingrown hairs

You’ll get a better shave if you spend some time in a hot shower before you start shaving. The hot water allows the pores to open, raises the hairs and softens the coarser ones.
Lather up with shaving gel or cream. Place a moderate amount on the skin following the line of the hair. Work the product into a creamy lather. The type of shaving gel that you use is up to you, a scented shaving gel is not necessary.
Wet the razor and situate it at the bottom of the area that you want to shave. Move it up, in long, even strokes in the direction of hair growth.
Rinse the razor as you shave to remove the hair. Once you’re finished, thoroughly rinse the razor and the shaved areas.
Apply Aftershave balm to the shaved areas. This greatly helps ease any irritation and reduce razor burn.
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