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Mühle Shaving – Handmade in Germany

A seal of quality which is indicative of Mühle’s time-honoured craftsmanship: the manual production of badger hair brushes. Only a few experts master this trade which requires traditional tools, a keen eye and skilled fingers. Silver tip badger hair is precious, so every step in binding the brushes must be carried out to perfection.Mühle sets these high standards also when it comes to the quality of the materials selected for the handles of brushes and razors. Metals such as stainless steel and brass require extremely careful treatment. Special alloys and coatings such as chrome and nickel ensure the beauty, longevity and excellent performance of the collections.The same care is taken in selecting the natural raw materials used to make Mühle soaps, shaving creams and lotions.Mühle – Organic

Mühle Organic has a wonderful range of natural care products for the face, body and hair. Natural raw materials form the basis.

The main ingredient, Argan oil, is hand extracted and traded on a fair trade basis. It is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants these regenerate and moisturise the skin. Furthermore, Argan oil is considered an effective anti-ageing agent.