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New York-based brand John Masters Organics is uncompromising. American John Masters’ hair and skin care products contain only the highest quality ingredients from strictly certified organic agriculture. And the artisanal way the plant extracts and essential oils are distilled means that none of their therapeutic power is lost. Petrochemicals and other synthetic ‘pep’ agents often found in mainstream products are by definition absent from the tried and tested and award-winning recipes of this luxury beauty brand.

John Masters Organics has been producing skin and hair care products based on natural ingredients for over 20 years. The brand was born out of New York-based top hairstylist John Masters’ need to create a top-quality hair and skincare line that also respects the earth. “We have one body and there is only one earth. Why not treat both with extreme care? My working method is simple: create natural products with integrity and responsibility, always nature-friendly, and always with your beauty and health in mind,” says John. His passion and love for ‘super natural beauty’ resulted in a complete line of hair, face and body care.