I+M Berlin

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Natural cosmetics that are fair, organic and vegan. It sounds too good to be true. Yet it exists and it goes by the name I+M Natural Cosmetics.

The beginnings of I+M Natural Cosmetics are characterised by three concepts: pioneering spirit, idealism and love for nature and people. In the year 1978, Inge Stamm developed and produced the first I+M skincare products as an alternative to cosmetics common at the time. She used natural ingredients and decided to abandon repackaging. Inge Stamm had been trained as a chemist, midwife and naturopath, which led to a deep understanding of how nature works on humans. During the founding phase of I+M, Inge Stamm simply worked at night as a midwife. In the morning, she would then come to the factory and sleep on a field bed for a few hours, before leading production. The first products were already very popular and Inge Stam decided to start a company with her friend Monika Berg.