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We are Beviro – Czech brand of men’s cosmetics that utilises the power of nature. Ever since 2016 we create products that are as natural as possible and properly tested by leading Czech barbershops and our demanding customers to be the best on the market. We believe in the restorative power of nature and its ability to uplift both body and mind.

Our goal has been simple: to create a full-blown Czech brand that will cater for the cosmetic needs of every modern man, all the way from a deodorant or toothpaste to the beard oil and hair styling products.

We’re here for men who have the courage to live their lives to their full potential and no longer want to use generic drugstore brands of cosmetics with shady ingredients lists. We therefore transparently state how high is the percentage of natural ingredients in our products. When it’s not 100%, we’ve had to make a well thought-out compromise – either it’s a perfume (men want to smell manly too) or an active ingredient (e.g. foaming) that can’t be fully replaced naturally.

We believe that we can make truly world-class cosmetics here in Czech Republic (Czechs are the inventors of make-up, after all). That is why we would like to conquer Europe, at the very least. And then the world. No small goals for us, it would seem.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!