Anti-Aging cream for men

Anti-aging cream for men

Why do women go to the ladies’ room together? Yes, so they can complain about men. But while they’re at it, they also share grooming tricks—try this cream, that eye shadow.

Men don’t do that . . . because it would be weird. And that sense of restroom decorum, as a result, makes it harder for them to learn new tricks in the battle against aging. We just might have the solution in our arsenal with natural face care products for men: These antiaging products, formulated especially for men, employ an arsenal of botanical extracts along with vitamins A, C, and E. Choose one or more to help improve your skin’s elasticity, which can only mean a more fresh-faced (read: competitive) you.
Lately the term “anti-aging” has been slapped onto everything from sunscreen to face wash to, yes, shampoo. But what does this phrase even mean? Will slapping an as-labeled cream onto your face actually stop the biological process that results in wrinkles, saggy skin, fine lines, discoloration and all the other noticeable things that happen to your epidermis as you get older?

Of course not. No cream will stop the natural process of aging, but that doesn’t mean these anti-aging formulas aren’t without merit. What the term is really saying is that the product contains ingredients that protect you from “free radicals”. These are unstable compounds that screw with your cell’s DNA and are found in things as pervasive as food, sunlight, and air as well as in more obvious vices like booze and tobacco. They’re also created by our own bodies when we’re stressed, don’t sleep well, and aren’t drinking enough water. In skincare terms, they make you dry, wrinkled, discolored, dull, and saggy — or, simply put, they make you age.

There’s two kinds of ingredients that can, at the very least, help slow that down. The first set is antioxidants, best among which are acai oil, green-tea extract, vitamin C, CoEnzyme Q-10, caffeine, and retinol (a form of vitamin A). The second kind of ingredients are plant-based acids like alpha-hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, and hyaluronic acid. Which is best for you? A lot depends on your personal physiology and skin type, so here’s where we drop off and suggest chatting up your dermatologist. Until then, drink plenty of water.

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