About Us

Bio4Men About us:




The idea is to create one stop webshop for men which offers broad range of natural and organic certified skin care products. We carefully select best brands on the market who stand based on the following principals:


-high customer service;

-organic and natural ingredients in all products, no harsh chemicals;

-good for the enviroment and for human;

-broad range of products.



Who we are:


We are relatively new company, founded in 2013 and already growing in a rapid pace. The idea was to create one stop shop for men who are concious about the choices they make. We care about the enviroment and the products we consume. We belive organics have the future, our producers do not save on the ingrediends they use in their products like the conventional producers. If you save on your health now you will surely pay later.




We have carefully selected the best organic producers of personal skin care on the market, some of which have won international prizes.

Those producers pay attention to every detail, the packaging looks also amazing and trendy, some even use organic inc on the packaging!


Trend & the future:


We are convinced that organic skin care is the logical next step in men’s skin care evolution. Our products fit in the life style of the modern man: simple, fast and result oriented. The brands available in our store are internationally successful with sales all around the globe. The quality of their products are guarenteed by several organic certificates, which helps to understand the reason of their success.


Why choose for organic skin care at bio4men:


Male’s skin is different than the women’s due to another hormone structure. It is 24% thicker  which makes the aging process slower. However, male’s skin loses much more moisture which vcauses wrinkles. Once these wrinkles have formed they are deeper than in women’s skin. Using the right products will help to keep the moist in the skin while other natural ingredients balance the skin to make you look at your best. These products can be found in our online shop. We have everything for every skin type: moisturizers, maskes, shaving products and even hair styling.